Garnering 95.5% total score, Capiz Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CAPELCO) achieved the AAA (triple A rating) as reflected in its 2015 Key Performance Standard and EC Classificationawarded by the National Electrification Administration.

CAPELCO is now considered as Mega Large coop in terms of Size& Classification.
The overwhelming result proved that CAPELCO has maintained its financial stability in terms of revenue and profitability; has delivered effective institutional/technical support and service excellence to its member-consumers.

Aside from CAPELCO, there 26 ECs who received the same award after NEA has conducted the over-all assessment composed of 4 categories: the Financial (30%), Institutional (35%), Technical (30%) and Reportorial (5%) performances of an electric coop.

According to NEA, there are 27 AAA ECs from Region VI, VII and CARAGA earning the most outstanding performances. Electric Coopscategorized as AAA increased from 56 to 70 in the past year while 55 ECs were able to maintain the AAA rating and 15 ECs improved their rating to AAA from either an AA, A or B.

NEA congratulated those AAA ECs for their commitment as partners in delivering the basic services to its member- consumers as stated in its 2016-015 NEA memorandum.