Requirements to Run as Board of Director under CAPIZ ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC.

As a candidate for member of the Board of Directors ofCapiz Electric Cooperative, Inc.  The following are the requirements as stated in Republic  Act 10531 by National Electrification Administration:


1.       A  Filipino Citizen.

2.         A graduate of a four (4) year course.


3.        Aging between twenty-one (21) years old and seventy (70) years old on the date of



4.       With Good Moral Character.


5.       A  member of the electric cooperative in good standing for the last five (5) yearsImmediately preceding the election and shall continue to be a member in good standingduring his/her incumbency by having no unsettled or outstanding obligations to CAPELCOwhether personal or through commercial or industrial connections of which he/she is theowner/co-owner three (3) months prior to the time of filing of my Certificate ofCandidacy (COC).


6.       Have not been apprehended for electric pilferages.


7.       Have not been removed for cause as Director or an employee of CAPELCO.


8.       An actual resident and member-consumer in the district he/she seeks to represent for atleast two (2) years immediately preceding the election.


9.       Have attended to at least two (2) Annual General Membership Assemblies(AGMA) for the last five (5) years immediately preceding the election period.


10.   He/she nor his/her spouse is holding an elective position or an appointive position with asalary grade of sixteen (SG16) or higher or its equivalent.


11.   He/she nor his/her spouse a candidate in the last preceding local or national elections.


12.   Have not been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude.


13.   Have not been terminated for cause from government or private employment for justcause as defined in Art. 282 of the Labor Code.




14.  He/she is not related to any member of the incumbent Board, General Manager and employees holding the position of Department Manager, Area Manager and other equivalent positionswithin the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity.


                15. Not a representative of a juridical person.


16. Not in any way employed by or financially interested in a competing enterprise or abusiness selling electric energy or electrical hardware to the cooperative and/or doingbusiness with the cooperative including the use or rental of poles.


                17.  Have submitted the following documents in quadruplicate copies:


a)      Police Clearance/NBI Clearance.

b)      Provincial Prosecutor Clearance.

c)       Certificate of live Birth/NSO

d)      Scholastic Records or any of the following:

e)      d.a          Diploma

f)       d.b         Transcript of Records

g)      d.c          PRC License, Civil Service Eligibility

h)      d.d         IBP Card

i)        ID Picture (4 pieces 2” x 2” Photo).

j)        Sworn Certificate of Candidacy.

k)      Statement of Asset and Liabilities/Income Tax Return (latest).