The Capiz Electric Cooperative along with the National Electrification Administration and the Department of Energy with support of the national and local officials was finally able to energize Barangay Olotayan on July 7, 2018 via the 3 kilometer submarine cable which now provides 24/7 reliable and efficient electric service to the barangay.

This resort-island barangay is known for its white sand beaches that can rival that of the island of Boracay and a 45-minute boat ride away from the City of Roxas. There are private resorts on the island whose waters are crystal clear and is abundant with corals making it an ideal place for snorkeling and scuba diving. One can simply stroll in its beach, enjoy the lazy lifestyle of the islanders and watch the beautiful sunset. The island’s main source of income is fishing and there is an abundance of crabs, squid and numerous varieties of fish. The local catch is sold at a low price and bartering is still being practiced from time to time. With the 24/7 electric service, progress is now set to come to the island. We invite you to come and visit this island paradise.