From January to May 2020, residential MCOs of CAPELCO enjoyed a cumulative rate reduction which summed up to P1.44 per kilowatt hour of their electric consumption. The rate reduction is illustrated in the table below;


The reduction of rate is part of the continuing effort of CAPELCO to make electricity affordable in Capiz.  This is a result of effective contract management of power suppliers, close monitoring of energy trading, efficient billing system and a sound technical operation in the reduction of systems loss. 

When GM Engr. Edgar D. Diaz presented this report to the Board of Directors (BOD) during their ONLINE MEETING, they lauded CAPELCO and they hope that this trend continues as a support mechanism especially when Capiz is undergoing difficulties in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The reduced rate shall cushion the impact of higher household electric consumption due to the “STAY AT HOME” campaign and the historical higher consumption due to the summer heat. (RTC/SJVD)