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Published: February 11, 2024

February 11, 2024, Sunday

Dumalag Central School, Poblacion, Dumalag
As part of the preparation for the conduct of District Elections for District VII (Dumalag and Tapaz) a briefing for the member of the District Election Committee (DECOM) and Precinct Election Committee (PECOM) was conducted by the personnel of the Institutional Development Support Services Department (IDSSD) of CAPELCO. This activity is mandated by the National Electrification Administration (NEA) through its memorandum and subsequent institutional advisory. The members of the two committees were selected from a pool of teachers from Dumalag and Tapaz Central schools were oriented on the manner by which the elections shall be conducted and they were also given time to raise concerns and clarifications about CAPELCO’s programs and services and other issues relating to the widespread power interruption that happened in the first week of January 2024.
Board President and Chairman of the BOD Committee on District Elections, Engr. Salvador A. Asis explained the importance and the pivotal role of the Board of Director of an electric cooperative and while they have immense importance in setting the direction of the electric cooperative, they also have to pass close scrutiny in terms of their qualifications. He explained that NEA has raised the bar of its standards in order to ensure that the directors are professional, active in participating to the affairs of the cooperative and really work for the best interest of its member-consumer-owners (MCOs). Once they are elected to the Board, new members are even required to undergo continuing education in order to better prepare them to assume their responsibilities. He also appreciated the participation of the teachers and expressed his gratitude for their services.
The guidelines for the District Elections was explained by Mr. Rey T. Cordenillo, Membership Services Division Supervisor and the participants was welcomed by Marilyn F. Fortaleza, DECOM Chairperson.

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