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Capiz Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CAPELCO) is an organization established for the electrical needs of its members and consumers. It is one of the 121 Electric Cooperatives established throughout the Philippines by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 269 ​​under the management of the National Electrification Administration (NEA) which is a government agency.

RA#6038 declared a national policy objective for the total electrification of the country on an AREA COVERAGE SERVICE BASIS created the national Electrification Administration (NEA) that was tasked with the organization, promotion, control and supervision of electric cooperatives for the attainment of the objective and also prescribed the terms and conditions for the operation of electric cooperatives.

The advent of rural electrification in the country gained impetus upon the enactment of Republic Act No. 6038, otherwise known as the NATIONAL ELECTRIFICATION ADMINISTRATION ACT which was approved on August 4, 1969.


An outstanding and competitive lectric cooperative in the Visayas Region.

Our Mission

To provide adequate, accessible and reliable power services at reasonable cost towards customer’s satisfaction and countrysid development.

Our Core Values

It shall be the policy of CAPELCO to promote a high standard of discipline and ethics in service. Officials and employees shall be held accountable to the member consumer-owners for the discharge of thir duties with utmost competence, accountability, professionalism, efficiency, leadership, commitment, and ownership empowerment; lead modest lives and uphold member-consumer-owners interest over personal interest.


The Origin

The challenge of energizing the Philippines was just like an “impossible dream” which is the most favorite song of a Capizeño who became the first Administrator of the National Electrification Administration (NEA) – General Pedro Gallarsa Dumol y Diaz, a native of Panitan, Capiz who was considered as the Father of Rural Electrification for being instrumental in laying the foundation of electric cooperativism in the country.

The Founding of CAPELCO

As a native of Capiz, he took it upon himself to have Capiz as among the first provinces to implement rural electrification. On June 7, 1971, Capiz Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CAPELCO) was officially established – the date of establishment coincided with General Dumol’s 45th birthday. CAPELCO held its first office at the defunct garment factory at Timpas, Panitan, Capiz. In 1978, CAPELCO was granted by the National Electrification Administration (NEA) with the franchise to operate for 50 years.

Energizing Capiz

The Municipality of Panitan was energized in August 8, 1973 and all municipalities subsequently followed until the Municipality of Tapaz was energized in June 1, 1980. Future extension of its lines and services has reached the nook and cranny of the Province of Capiz with electric connectivity of 101.22% (computed on NEA-provided baseline) as of April 2021 which is translated to 187,771 connections. CAPELCO also hold the distinction in the last five (5) years as being a “Triple A, Mega Large Cooperative” – the highest classification rating provided by NEA.

CAPELCO underwent challenges and successes in all its 50th year of existence and braces for the future challenges.