Published: February 28, 2024

February 28, 2024, Wednesday

Earlier today, Board President Engr. Salvador A. Asis visited the fire victims currently housed at Rufina Andrada Santos Memorial School to bring some form of assistance to the victim. Through him, CAPELCO expressed its sympathy and support to the victims and donated electric fans that they can use while they stay at the evacuation center. BOD President Asis was able to personally talk to Punong Barangay Nilo Diestro of Barangay VII and committed to help out in some other forms in the coming days. You can witness the overwhelming support of government and private institutions to the fire victims in terms of food, water, clothing, medicines and the like such that CAPELCO just awaits what future assistance it can extend to the victims.
Meantime, a team of CAPELCO personnel visited the site and documented the electric accounts of the victims and retrieved whatever usable electrical materials they can use to start anew. Later today, CAPELCO also energized housing units at Tanza Ville, Tanza, Roxas City designated by the Roxas City Government as the relocation shelters for the fire victims.

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