Published: March 25, 2024

March 23 – 25, 2024, Saturday to Monday

BT7 Team Members: A Dangan, R Daliva, J Penuela, J Degones and PP Fuentes
1. Replacement of 2 units of rotten poles and transfer of kilowatt hour meter at Barangay Mahunod-hunod, Cuartero
2. Replacement of rotten pole and transfer of kilowatt hour meters at Barangay Gibato, Dumarao
3. Rehabilitation of line from duplex #6 to duplex #2 and transfer kilowatt hour meters and installation of two units of service poles at San Blas, Pilar
4. Replacement of rotten pole at Barangay Quinat-uyan, Maayon
5. Pull out of 50 KVA rental transformer at Barangay Cayus, Pilar

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