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Published: May 4, 2024

PROSPECTS AND RETROSPECTS: CAPELCO’s Journey in energizing and developing the countryside
CAPELCO is going to celebrate its 53rd year Anniversary on June 16, 2024. These years of serving Capiz and its people is a treasure trove of experiences, challenges, lessons and inspiration as it moves onwards facing the challenges ahead.
From the very first household energized in 1973 to the household in the interior-most sitios provided with electric service connections today and from the far smaller industrial factories energized then and to the large-scale and high-voltage connections today, CAPELCO’s history is a wealth of information and a constant reminder of its mandate for rural electrification and countryside development.
CAPELCO’s history is a story of the people of Capiz on how they were able to harness electricity to improve their lives and well-being and how electricity transformed the socio-economic conditions of the locality. It is also a story of those who become part of CAPELCO who survived typhoons, floods, fire and other natural and man-made catastrophes and who displayed resilience, hard labor and some who even perished in the process.
CAPELCO’s future is how it can successfully keep breast with the advancement of technology, the fast and ever-changing socio-economic and political conditions, the new world order of globally-competitive market and the growing expectations of its member-consumer-owners (MCOs).
Writing its history will become verbose and lengthy but depicting it in the work of art that best capsulize its journey is more expedient and meaningful.
This is the rationale of this Poster Making Contest as this will capture CAPELCO’s journey in the vivid eye of a Capiceño. The winning price shall take the honor of being painted as a mural in the walls of its Board Room symbolic because this is where its history is written and its destiny determined.

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