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HANDURAW 2024 CAPELCO’s 53rd Foundation Anniversary PAGDUMDOM: A Visit to our Fallen Warriors of Light

Published: June 15, 2024

In commemoration of their selfless service to the member-consumer-owners (MCOs) of CAPELCO, fallen warriors who died or met accident and was permanently incapacitated in the line of duty were given tribute of gifts and a personal visit from the managers of CAPELCO.
This is a memorable experience and an emotional reunion appreciating their dedication to their job that they offer their lives to provide power to the people of Capiz. As CAPELCO celebrates its 53rd Foundation Anniversary, they were remembered and honored because they have become part of CAPELCO’s history and always be remembered with their memories cherished and respected.
Director Edmund D. Beluso who was also a retired Technical Services Department Manager joined the CAPELCO Team in paying tribute to these Warriors of Light and their surviving family.

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