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Published: July 9, 2024

July 8, 2024, Monday, CAPELCO Board Room, Roxas City

Students taking up Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering who are undergoing on-the-job training (OJT) at CAPELCO were trained to conduct housewiring installation. They will be deployed to do actual installation for the beneficiaries of the Socialized Energization of Marginalized Applicants (SEMA) for Electric Service Connections.
In his message, IDSSD Manager Engr. Jovencio A. Villagracia expressed his gratitude for the students because of their willingness to do the volunteer job. He explained that the SEMA project is CAPELCO’s way of reaching out to those who cannot afford the cost to have electric service connection. Board President Engr. Salvador A. Asis also thanked the students because they will be a big help to those who could hardly afford but desires much to have electric service connection. He explained that it is the desire of the Board of Director to provide easier access for people to apply for connection without sacrificing its safety and reliability.
After a short presentation about CAPELCO facilitated by MSD Supervisor Rey T. Cordenillo, the students went through the training under Engr. Christian Leonor.

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